Sakshi Shree has taken a contemporary approach to experience the state of thoughtlessness of meditation to suit modern people.

The most effective stress buster for the modern man that connects you to the source of infinite energy for attaining sound body, sound mind & self-realization.

Established as a cure for diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problem, arthritis, joint pain and all sorts of stomach disorders. It also helps in treating mind related disorders like anger, stress, tension, depression, insomnia and schizophrenia.

Sanjeevani Kriya leads you to focus your attention on doing just one thing at one time with all your energy. It frees the mind from unnecessary conflict and distraction to such an extent that mind and body function perfectly and harmoniously than at any other time.

Science behind the Kriya

  • It produces a state of deep relaxation; quite unlike sleep or hypnosis, your mind is wide awake and alert. There is a dramatic change in the pattern of your brain waves. There is an increase in slow ALPHA waves, which are indicative of you being wide awake and relaxed. Often there is an increase in THETA waves, which relates to higher form of consciousness, such as creativity. Further, there is a definite presence of DELTA waves, which occur only in the deepest sleep. In this state there is virtually no rapid eye movement.
  • Affects your metabolism very positively.
  • You Produce less carbon – di - oxide ,Oxygen reduces by 20%.
  • Your heartbeat and respiration rates decrease dramatically.
  • Your blood pressure drops and there is a definite increase in the electrical resistance of your skin. Tension and anxiety induce a decrease in electrical resistance of your body.
  • These effects contribute to a great sense of peace, harmony and well-being which you experience during the practice of the Kriya. These characteristics are opposite to those you would find in the state of anxiety, tension or anger. Therefore, the Kriya proves to be an effective counter to stress and tension.

    Practice Once to Believe!

  • Session - about 13 minutes.
  • Session include discourses and guided meditations by Sakshi Shree
  • Q & A's related to the session addressed