Maha Medha Kriya

Sakshi Shree revealed that Maha Medha Kriya is a well-established scientific technique leading to stupendous success for students in academic as well as competitive exams by more than 40 percent and even beyond increasing traits like memory, intelligence, creativity, mental ability, confidence and concentration.

The practice of Maha Medha Kriya is also an effective remedy for keeping the youth away from addictions like smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Opening pp doors to positive thinking & extraordinary intelligence by initiating MEDITATION in children at an early age.

Science behind the Kriya

  • A multi-fold increase in the number of inter-connections of neurons which are called synapses that ensures more intelligence and wisdom.
  • Ensure optimum utilization of brain power.
  • Ensure sufficient supply of oxygen and blood to the brain which is very important as the brain consumes 25% of the total oxygen and blood supply whereas it weighs only 3% of the total body weight.
  • Release of Endorphin in the body which helps experience inner joy & happiness eliminating negative traits like anger, anxiety, insomnia and depression.
  • Eliminating bad habits like drinking, smoking, drugs etc.Curbs all kinds of suicidal tendencies amongst students.
  • Practice Once to Believe!

  • Session - about 13 minutes.
  • Session include discourses and guided meditations by Sakshi Shree
  • Q & A's related to the session addressed
  • Once you complete a session, you will be directed to the subsequent session if a 1 on 1 required.